1746 – Mission to Mars (2000)

timespace coordinates: 2020 – ’21. Texas / first manned mission to Mars / the Cydonia region / Earth-orbiting World Space Station / Mars II rescue mission / REMO (“Resupply Module”) orbiting Mars

Mission to Mars is a 2000 American science fiction adventure film directed by Brian De Palma, inspired by Disney‘s theme park attraction of the same name. The film depicts the first manned Mars exploration mission going awry; American astronaut Jim McConnell (Gary Sinise) helps to coordinate a rescue mission for a colleague. Principal support actors were Tim RobbinsDon CheadleConnie NielsenJerry O’Connell, and Kim Delaney. This movie came out the same year as another Mars-themed film, Red Planet (2000). Both were unsuccessful, critically and commercially. 

All the ships were based on actual NASA aircraft and used materials from real aerospace companies. The filmmakers received NASA’s most up-to-date plans for a Mars mission when making the movie. Effects supervisor Hoyt Yeatman says this is a “hardware film.” Almost every location in the movie had to be created from scratch because it didn’t exist in the real world. The crew used over 14,000 gallons of paint to spray the soil “Mars red.” That dust is blown by 10 massive 350-horsepower wind machines. The crew reflected copper light onto the actors to mimic the orange atmosphere of the Martian sky. 

The appearance of the “Face on Mars”, as well as the alien hologram, were modeled after the work of the famous Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncusi, especially his “Sleeping Muse”(1910).

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1738 – The Midnight Sky (2020)

timespace coordinates: 2049, The Arctic / space craft Æther returning from Jupiter after having explored a habitable moon, K-23

The Midnight Sky is a 2020 American science fiction film directed by George Clooney, based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton.

The film stars Clooney, and follows a scientist who must venture through the Arctic Circle with a young girl to warn off a returning spaceship following a global catastrophe. (wiki)

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1721 – Nightflyers (1987)

Nightflyers is a 1987 American science fiction horror film directed by Robert Collector (as T.C. Blake) based on Nightflyers, a 1980 novella by George R. R. Martin. (wiki)

The movie has a notably “misty” look, blurring colors and detail. Though this movie has never been released on DVD, Blu-ray, or high-definition streaming, this was a deliberate choice by the producers, director, and cinematographer. They wanted to depict a “dream-like” state in an era before high-definition home video was even possible, much less affordable.

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Nightflyers Soundtrack – Doug Timm

1681 – Planeta bur (1962)

timespace coordinates: 1960’s. the first human landing on Venus

Planeta Bur (Russian: Планета Бурь) is a 1962 Sovcolor Soviet science-fiction film scripted by Alexander Kazantsev from his novel, and co-scripted and directed by Pavel Klushantsev. 

In English, the film is often informally referred to as Planet of the StormsPlanet of StormsPlanet of TempestsPlaneta Burg, and Storm Planet, though it was never actually released in the US in its original form until the 1990s, via home video. It is better known to American audiences via two American television movies which featured special effects and most of the primary footage from it: Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet and Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women. (wiki)