The work of Pierre Richard (1802-1879)

The artist book “Grimoires illuminés”, presents a work unknown to this day, of a peasant from Lorraine, France, who, in the middle of the 19th century, conjured his terrors and his illuminations with a masterful creation, partly produced in Moselle in asylum seclusion.

There are 3 “grimoires”, or magic books, known. These were acquired in the 1990s by a bookstore in Metz, then sold to collectors in 2010. These grimoires, with around 750 plates, are made up of drawings, monograms , decorated circles, scenes of the Passion, alphabets and other cabalistic writings. A publication of Editions Artulis published by Halle Saint Pierre is available in a limited edition in their bookstore.

Anonymous Works

1600 – Alone in Berlin (2016)

timespace coordinates:  World War II-era Berlin (September 1940 – April 1943)

Alone in Berlin is a 2016 war drama film directed by Vincent Pérez, based on the 1947 non-fiction book Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada. The novel’s characters Otto and Anna Quangel are based on Otto and Elise Hampel.

When their son dies in France, the couple start writing postcards to urge people to protest against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. The film stars Emma ThompsonBrendan GleesonDaniel Brühl, and Mikael Persbrandt.

 The Irish Times wrote: “the film offers a fascinating and timely blueprint for political dissent, a methodology that connects with pamphleteering, graffiti, and memes.” (wiki)