timespace coordinates: ~1975 Văcărești, Bucharest,  Romania

The second part is one of the few video recordings of the Văcărești Monastery, built by Nicholas Mavrocordatos in 1716 and demolished in 1984 during the regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu to make room for a Palace of Justice that was never built. It was the largest 18th-century monastery in Southeastern Europe and it had a church in the style of Curtea de Argeș Cathedral. It was also designed to be used as a fortress, and was seized in May 1771 by the Imperial Russian army, under commander Nikolai Vasilyeich Repnin, in the context of the Russo-Turkish War and Pârvu Cantacuzino‘s rebellion. Part of the buildings of the monastery were used as a prison. Inmates that were incarcerated at Văcărești Prison include Richard WurmbrandTudor ArgheziIoan Slavici, as well as Corneliu Zelea Codreanu and other members of the Iron Guard. (wiki)

1723 – Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski (2018)

Stanisław Szukalski (13 December 1893 – 19 May 1987) was a Polish (self-taught) sculptor and painter who became a part of the Chicago Renaissance. In 1930s Poland he enjoyed fame as a nationalist sculptor. He also developed the pseudoscientifichistorical theory of Zermatism, positing that all human culture was derived from post-deluge Easter Island and that humankind was locked in an eternal struggle with the Sons of Yeti (“Yetinsyny”), the offspring of Yeti and humans.

Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski is a 2018 documentary film directed by Irek Dobrowolski, written by Stephen Cooper and Irek Dobrowolski and starring Stanislav Szukalski, Glenn Bray and Robert Williams. (wiki)


1709 – The Outpost (2020)

timespace coordinates: 2006, PRT Kamdesh – later renamed Combat Outpost Keating – one of several U.S. Army outposts established in Northern Afghanistan. Located in a remote valley surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountains. The base was regarded as a deathtrap; the troops stationed there faced regular Taliban attacks, culminating in one of the bloodiest American engagements of Operation Enduring Freedom. The film tells the story of the 53 U.S. soldiers and two Latvian military advisors who battled some 400 enemy insurgents at the Battle of Kamdesh.


The Outpost is a 2020 American war film directed by Rod Lurie, based on the 2012 non-fiction book The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor by Jake Tapper, about the Battle of Kamdesh in the war in Afghanistan. It stars Scott EastwoodCaleb Landry JonesOrlando BloomJack KesyCory HardrictMilo GibsonJacob Scipio, and Taylor John Smith. (wiki)

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