1825 – Horror Noire: A History Of Black Horror (documentary 2019)

Director : Xavier Burgin

Stars : Rusty Cundieff, Ernest R. Dickerson, Robin R. Means Coleman, Jordan Peele Genre : Documentary

A look at the history of black horror films and the role of African Americans in the film genre from the very beginning.

Night of the Living Dead 1968
Get Out 2017


1824 – Chaos Walking (2021)

timespace coordinates:  2257 AD, planet New World


Chaos Walking is a 2021 dystopian action film directed by Doug Liman from a screenplay by Patrick Ness and Christopher Ford. It is based on the sci-fi trilogy Chaos Walking, adapting its first book, 2008’s The Knife of Never Letting Go by Ness. It is a USA | Canada | Hong Kong co-production.

It stars Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland, along with Mads MikkelsenDemián BichirCynthia ErivoNick Jonas, and David Oyelowo.


It follows a young man (Holland) who lives in a dystopian world without women, where all living creatures can hear each other’s thoughts in streams of images, words, and sounds called “Noise.” When a woman (Ridley) crash lands on the planet, he must help her escape danger. (wiki)



1823 – Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

timespace coordinates: 2024. Skull Island, Antarctica, Florida, Hong Kong, the Pacific Ocean, Philadelphia, Tasman Sea / Hollow Earth

Godzilla vs. Kong is a 2021 American monster film directed by Adam Wingard. A sequel to both Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Kong: Skull Island (2017), it is the fourth film in Legendary’s MonsterVerse. It is also the 36th film in the Godzilla franchise, the 12th film in the King Kong franchise, and the fourth Godzilla film to be completely produced by a Hollywood studio. (wiki)


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Zdzisław Beksiński pronounced [ˈzd͡ʑiswaf bɛkˈɕiɲskʲi] (24 February 1929 – 21 February 2005) was a Polish painter, photographer and sculptor specializing in the field of dystopian surrealism.


The Medium (video game) (2021)

modelled its supernatural setting after Zdzisław Beksiński’s artwork.

The Medium – Official Live Action Trailer


channel dedicated to Zdzisław Beksiński.

1821 – Gorogoa (2017 video game)

Gorogoa is an elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, told through a beautifully hand-drawn story designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts. Winner of Debut Game at the 2018 BAFTA Games Awards, as well as Best Mobile Game and the Innovation Award at the GDC 2018 Choice Awards.

Gorogoa has the player manipulate images placed in a two-by-two grid, exploring within each image as well as placing or stacking images relative to others, to solve puzzles. Through the puzzles, the player guides a boy as they encounter a strange monster among a landscape that becomes war-ravaged and then rebuilt. The boy grows older and ends up as an old man reflecting on his past. The game, solely developed by Roberts, started as a failed attempt at an interactive graphic novel, and took nearly six years to complete.

Roberts cites David RobertsGustave DoréChristopher Manson, and Chris Ware as influences to his art style. Roberts also stated that his was indirectly influenced by Byzantine art, due to travels to Istanbul and other similar locations. Roberts found such two-dimensional art challenged him of how to explore that within three dimensional spaces within his puzzles.  (wiki)

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (Windows, MINIMUM): OS: Windows XP SP2, Processor: 1 GHz, Memory: 512 MB RAM, Graphics: GeForce 6 or Radeon X1000, DirectX: Version 9.0c, Storage: 680 MB available space

1820 – Brave New World (2020 TV series)

timespace coordinates: (post-apocalyptic) New London / The Savage Lands (amusement park) The series “imagines an utopian society that has achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamyprivacymoneyfamily and history itself.” In an update of the original novel, an artificial intelligence system named Indra also connects citizens via a wireless network.

Brave New World is an American social science fiction drama series. It is loosely based on the classic novel of the same name by Aldous Huxley. It premiered on the NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock on July 15, 2020, In October 2020, the series was canceled after one season. (wiki)

imdb   /  The Jewel Net of Indra

1819 – Amuse-oeil – Media Stylo 7 by Eric Faden (2020)

Published in [in]Transition 7.3: mediacommons.org/intransition/amuse-%C5%93il

A manifesto for Critical Media

More works by Eric Faden


Eric Faden is an Associate Professor of Film/Media Studies at Bucknell University. His research has appeared in Early Popular Visual CultureStrategiesConvergenceThe Journal of Film and Video plus the anthologies Arrêt Sur Image and The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies. Faden also creates videographic works that explore how scholarly research might appear as visual media. These experimental films are distributed commercially (Third World NewsreelMedia Education Foundation), published in on-line journals (VectorsMediascapeThe Cine-Files, and [in]Transition), and screen internationally (The Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania and the Contemporary Culture Center in Montpellier, France).